Cool facts about Universe

Here’s 17 coolest facts about the universe

  1. Time concept is within the Universe. Time doesn’t exist, clock does. Time is just an illusion. If you think time is constant throughout the Universe then you’re probably wrong. It varies according to gravity and speed.
  2. Universe wasn’t forever. It originated from a singularity.
  3. According to NO BOUNDARY THEORY, no one has created the universe and no one directs are fate. Why? Since, everything needs time to be exited in, but time is within the Universe. Where and when would the creator live in?
  4. The biggest black hole in the observable universe is TON 618.
  5. The biggest star in the observable universe is UY SCUTY.
  6. Black holes are actually not holes, they are collapsed and dead stars which leave a residue in the form of black holes whose gravity and mass is much more than the star itself and infinite density.
  7. Spacetime tells matter how to move, matter tells spacetime how to curve.
  8. There are more stars in a galaxy than the grains of sand on earth but there are more atoms in a grain of sand than the number of stars in a galaxy.
  9. The sun has enough heat to enlighten the atmosphere for about 4 billion years from today.
  10. If you leave earth at the age of 15 with the speed of light and return after 5 years, you’ll find all your friends are 65 y/o now. This is due to time dilation. Remember point 1? Time is an illusion.
  11. In a way, we represent energy. And also energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. The energy we have within us is as old as the universe is i.e. 13.4 billion years old. Sounds like holy shit!
  12. Whenever you look up in the sky, you see into the past in an encrypted way.
  13. As the universe keeps expanding, in the beginning of the universe, it is said to have a size smaller than a proton.
  14. If universe was forever, there would have been no life. Because all the stars in the universe are continuously heating up the universe. In this way, even sun would do the same work and the planets like earth would have no life due to extreme heat.
  15. The light of sun you observe is the light sun radiated 8.20 minutes ago.
  16. If there is an intelligent life other than us then they must be very very far away from us otherwise they would have visited us by now.

17. The most dangerous thing we can find on any other planet would be humans.

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