Helena, the vagrant little girl of a renowned doctor, is the ward of the Countess of Rousillon, and pitifully enamored with her child, Count Bertram, who has been sent to the court of the King of France. In spite of her excellence and worth, Helena has no expectation of drawing in Bertram, since she is of low birth and he is an aristocrat. Be that as it may, when word comes that the King is sick, she goes to Paris and, utilizing her dad’s crafts, fixes the sickness. Consequently, she is given the hand of any man in the domain; she picks Bertram. Her new spouse is shocked at the match, in any case, and not long after their marriage escapes France, joined just by a heel named Parolles, to battle in the armed force of the Duke of Florence.

Helena is sent home to the Countess, and gets a letter from Bertram educating her that he will never be her actual mate except if she can get his family ring from his finger, and end up pregnant with his youngster – neither of which, he announces, will ever happen. The Countess, who adores Helena and affirms of the match, endeavors to comfort her, yet the upset young lady withdraws Rousillon, wanting to make a religious journey.

In the mean time, in Florence, Bertram has turned into a general in the Duke’s armed force. Helena goes to the city, and finds that her better half is attempting to allure the virginal little girl of a generously Widow. With the conspiracy of the little girl, named Diana, she thinks up to trap Bertram: he gives Diana his ring as a token of his affection, and when he goes to her room around evening time, Helena is in the bed, and they have intercourse without him understanding that it is her. In the meantime, two rulers in the armed force uncover Parolles as a defeatist and a reprobate, and he drops out of Bertram’s support. In the interim, false emissaries have gone to the camp bearing word that Helena is dead, and with the war attracting to a nearby, Bertram chooses to come back to France. Obscure to him, Helena takes after, joined by Diana and the Widow.

In Rousillon, everybody is grieving Helena as dead. The King is visiting, and agrees to Bertram wedding the girl of an old, loyal master, named Lafew. Nonetheless, he sees a ring on Bertram’s finger that in the past had a place with Helena- – it was a blessing from the King after she spared his life. (Helena gave the ring to Diana in Florence, and she thusly offered it to her eventual darling.) Bertram is at a misfortune to clarify where it originated from, yet simply then Diana and her mom seem to clarify matters- – trailed by Helena, who educates her better half that the two his conditions have been satisfied. Berated, Bertram agrees to be a decent spouse to her, and there is general cheering.

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