KING LEAR SUMMARY by: William Shakespeare

Lear, the maturing lord of Britain, chooses to venture down from the position of authority and partition his kingdom equitably among his three little girls. To begin with, be that as it may, he puts his little girls through a test, requesting that each disclose to him the amount she adores him. Goneril and Regan, Lear’s more established little girls, give their dad complimenting answers. Be that as it may, Cordelia, Lear’s most youthful and most loved little girl, stays quiet, saying that she has no words to portray the amount she cherishes her dad. Lear flies into a wrath and abandons Cordelia. The ruler of France, who has sought Cordelia, says that despite everything he needs to wed her even without her territory, and she goes with him to France without her dad’s favoring.

Lear rapidly discovers that he settled on an awful choice. Goneril and Regan quickly start to undermine the little expert that Lear still holds. Unfit to trust that his adored girls are double-crossing him, Lear gradually goes crazy. He escapes his little girls’ homes to meander on a heath amid an incredible rainstorm, joined by his Fool and by Kent, a steadfast aristocrat in camouflage.

Then, an elderly aristocrat named Gloucester likewise encounters family issues. His ill-conceived child, Edmund, deceives him into trusting that his honest to goodness child, Edgar, is endeavoring to slaughter him. Escaping the manhunt that his dad has set for him, Edgar camouflages himself as an insane homeless person and calls himself “Poor Tom.” Like Lear, he takes off onto the heath.

At the point when the reliable Gloucester understands that Lear’s little girls have betrayed their dad, he chooses to help Lear notwithstanding the risk. Regan and her better half, Cornwall, find him helping Lear, blame him for treachery, daze him, and turn him out to meander the wide open. He winds up being driven by his hidden child, Edgar, around the city of Dover, where Lear has additionally been brought.

In Dover, a French armed force arrives as a major aspect of an intrusion driven by Cordelia with an end goal to spare her dad. Edmund evidently turns out to be impractically snared with both Regan and Goneril, whose spouse, Albany, is progressively thoughtful to Lear’s motivation. Goneril and Edmund plot to slaughter Albany.

The miserable Gloucester endeavors to submit suicide, yet Edgar spares him by pulling the bizarre trap of driving him off a nonexistent bluff. In the interim, the English troops achieve Dover, and the English, driven by Edmund, overcome the Cordelia-drove French. Lear and Cordelia are caught. In the climactic scene, Edgar duels with and slaughters Edmund; we learn of the demise of Gloucester; Goneril harms Regan out of envy over Edmund and after that murders herself when her unfairness is uncovered to Albany; Edmund’s selling out of Cordelia prompts her unnecessary execution in jail; and Lear at long last ceases to exist of melancholy at Cordelia’s passing. Albany, Edgar, and the elderly Kent are left to deal with the nation under a billow of distress and lament.

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