Twelfth Night summary by William Shakespeare

In the kingdom of Illyria, an aristocrat named Orsino lies around tuning in to music, pining without end for the love of Lady Olivia. He can’t have her since she is in grieving for her dead sibling and declines to engage any recommendations of marriage. Then, off the drift, a tempest has caused a frightful wreck. A youthful, distinguished conceived lady named Viola is cleared onto the Illyrian shore. Getting herself alone in an unusual land, she expect that her twin sibling, Sebastian, has been suffocated in the disaster area, and endeavors to make sense of what kind of work she can do. A benevolent ocean skipper educates her concerning Orsino’s romance of Olivia, and Viola says that she wishes she could go to work in Olivia’s home. Yet, since Lady Olivia declines to chat with any outsiders, Viola concludes that she can’t search for work with her. Rather, she chooses to camouflage herself as a man, going up against the name of Cesario, and goes to work in the family of Duke Orsino.

Viola (masked as Cesario) rapidly turns into a most loved of Orsino, who makes Cesario his page. Viola ends up becoming hopelessly enamored with Orsino—a troublesome love to seek after, as Orsino trusts her to take care of business. Be that as it may, when Orsino sends Cesario to convey Orsino’s affection messages to the scornful Olivia, Olivia herself falls for the wonderful youthful Cesario, trusting her to take care of business. The affection triangle is finished: Viola cherishes Orsino, Orsino adores Olivia, and Olivia adores Cesario—and everybody is hopeless.

Then, we meet alternate individuals from Olivia’s family: her unruly alcoholic of an uncle, Sir Toby; his stupid companion, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, who is attempting in his miserable method to court Olivia; Olivia’s clever and entirely holding up noble woman, Maria; Feste, the astute jokester of the house; and Malvolio, the bleak, smug steward of Olivia’s family. At the point when Sir Toby and the others disapprove of Malvolio’s consistent endeavors to ruin their fun, Maria builds a down to earth joke to influence Malvolio to surmise that Olivia is enamored with him. She manufactures a letter, apparently from Olivia, routed to her adored (whose name is meant by the letters M.O.A.I.), disclosing to him that in the event that he needs to gain her support, he should dress in yellow leggings and crossed ties, act haughtily, grin always, and decline to account for himself to anybody. Malvolio finds the letter, expect that it is routed to him, and, loaded up with dreams of wedding Olivia and getting to be honorable himself, cheerfully takes after its summons. He acts so abnormally that Olivia comes to feel that he is frantic.

In the interim, Sebastian, who is as yet alive all things considered yet trusts his sister Viola to be dead, touches base in Illyria alongside his companion and defender, Antonio. Antonio has watched over Sebastian since the wreck and is energetically (and maybe sexually) appended to the young fellow—to such an extent that he tails him to Orsino’s area, notwithstanding the way that he and Orsino are old adversaries.

Sir Andrew, watching Olivia’s appreciation for Cesario (still Viola in camouflage), challenges Cesario to a duel. Sir Toby, who sees the planned duel as engaging fun, eggs Sir Andrew on. In any case, when Sebastian—who looks simply like the hidden Viola—shows up on the scene, Sir Andrew and Sir Toby wind up reaching boiling point with Sebastian, imagining that he is Cesario. Olivia enters in the midst of the perplexity. Experiencing Sebastian and imagining that he is Cesario, she requests that he wed her. He is puzzled, since he has never observed her. He sees, notwithstanding, that she is rich and lovely, and he is hence more than willing to oblige her. In the mean time, Antonio has been captured by Orsino’s officers and now asks Cesario for help, mixing up him for Sebastian. Viola denies knowing Antonio, and Antonio is hauled off, shouting out that Sebastian has deceived him. Abruptly, Viola has newly discovered expectation that her sibling might be alive.

Malvolio’s gathered franticness has permitted the joyous Maria, Toby, and the rest to bolt Malvolio into a little, dull space for his treatment, and they torment him voluntarily. Feste takes on the appearance of “Sir Topas,” a minister, and professes to analyze Malvolio, proclaiming him certainly crazy despite his dissents. Nonetheless, Sir Toby starts to reconsider the joke, and they enable Malvolio to send a letter to Olivia, in which he requests to be discharged.

In the long run, Viola (still camouflaged as Cesario) and Orsino advance toward Olivia’s home, where Olivia invites Cesario as her new spouse, supposing him to be Sebastian, whom she has quite recently hitched. Orsino is irate, yet then Sebastian himself shows up on the scene, and all is uncovered. The kin are cheerfully rejoined, and Orsino understands that he adores Viola, now that he knows she is a lady, and requests that her wed him. We find that Sir Toby and Maria have additionally been hitched secretly. At last, somebody recalls Malvolio and gives him a chance to out of the dim room. The trap is uncovered in full, and the upset Malvolio storms off, leaving the cheerful couples to their festival.

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