Grasp the basics of Sentence Correction, Check Imp Rules Here!

Sentence Correction is a very important topic of English Language section. Usually, 5 questions are asked from it. This topic can prove to be very scoring if you have a good understanding of the basics of Sentence Correction. One thing that is essential to understand is that questions from this topic might not be specifically related to […]

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How to solve spotting error questions in banking exams?

Spotting error is an important topic which is usually asked in the most of the banking exams. To solve the questions on this topic, you must have a strong command on grammar rules. This will help you to identify the error quickly. In this article, we will be providing you with steps to solve these […]

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Types of Fillers Asked in Previous IBPS & SBI Exams, Practice Filler Questions!

In Banking examinations, we have seen the different trends in the English section. It is one of the major subjects where many changes have seen. In this article, we will be helping out with the different variations in the topic “Fillers/Fill in the Blanks” so that you get to know all the types of fillers which can be […]

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Grasp the basics of Para jumbles

Para Jumbles is a crucial topic of English Language Section. We have been receiving many queries from our readers about the ways to solve Para jumbles. So, today we are sharing with you all a few study tips that will help you attempt Para Jumbles questions easily. Para jumbles, as the name indicates is basically a jumbled […]

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Cloze Test: Tips & How to Solve it

Cloze Test is a very important topic in the English section for all banking examinations. In order to score good marks in the English Section, it is essential to be familiar with the types of Cloze test asked in the examinations and appropriate approaches required to solve Cloze test questions. You can also practice questions on […]

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Time Booster for Reading Comprehension

Dear Aspirants English is considered a monster section by most of the Banking Aspirants. Also it has been found that even after a good quality of preparation, it is difficult to score cent percent. In this post, we particularly are emphasizing on the Reading Comprehension topic, which constitutes maximum number of questions in any Banking Exam. Subsequently in this […]

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Basics of Probability Notes: Understand Basic Terms & Concepts

A word which can also be used in the place of ‘Probability’ is ‘Chance’. We all are well aware of the word ‘chance’. We use it in our daily life. Whatever we do, whatever we observe, there is always a chance that this is going to happen or not. When we want to find out […]

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How to solve Time & Work (Shortcut Approach) 

This post is in continuation with it. Here we will help you understand the use of Work Constant approach. While attempting questions, you must remember some important points – 1. Read questions carefully. 2. Words like together,alone,before complete, after complete etc. are important. 3. Data provided in the question should be read carefully. How to […]

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How to Solve Time and distance Questions? Tips & Tricks

Dear Readers, We are providing you Important Short Tricks on Speed, Distance & Time which are usually asked in Bank Exams. Use these below given short cuts to solve questions within minimum time. These shortcuts will be very helpful for IBPS PO & other Banking Exam 2019. Important formulae and facts of Time and Distance Speed is a very basic concept in motion which […]

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Uses of Ratio and Proportion in Quantitative Aptitude

Dear Gradians, Today we will discuss the Ratio and Proportion (one of the crucial topic of Quantitative Aptitude Section) useful for Banking Exams like SBI PO, IBPS etc. making calculation easier in all arithmetic topics such as Mixture and Allegation; Simple Interest and Compound Interest; Profit, Loss and Discount; Problems on Ages; Partnerships; Percentages; Time and Work; Data Interpretation etc. topics. Uses of Ratio and Proportion  Example 1: If A: B = 2:5 and B:C […]

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