Tips and Tricks for Profit, Loss and Discount

 Profit, Loss and Discount are yet another crucial topics of an Arithmetic section of Quantitative Aptitude. You may also find the application of this topic in certain Data Interpretation questions as well. To help you all prepare for this topic better, we will discuss this topic today. Before going to detail on this topic, we recommend […]

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How to Solve Age-Related Questions? Tips & Tricks

In the miscellaneous section of Quantitative Aptitude, “Ages” is one of the important topic. It is mostly asked in the prelims exam of the banking exams. In this article, we are providing you with the Important Short Tricks Age-Related Questions which are usually asked in Bank Exams. Use these below-given shortcuts to solve questions within minimum time. These […]

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How to Solve Pipes & Cistern Questions? Tips & Tricks

Dear Aspirants, Today we are presenting an article on “How to Solve Pipes & Cistern Questions in competitive examination”. These are really important questions and generally asked in every entrance examination. What a typical question looks like? In such questions, basically a tank has to be filled by two (or more) pipes and we are given: […]

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How to Solve Percentages in SBI PO Exam

Dear students, Percentage is an important part of Quantitative aptitude. Whether it is DI, Profit & Loss, SI-CI, or Allegation, etc. all these chapters with the help of percentage can be solved easily. You can go through the basics of percentage and previous year asked questions. A percentage is a number or ratio expressed as […]

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How to solve Partnership Problems?

How to solve Partnership Problems? Important Tips with Examples!   Tips for Partnership Problems When two or more people invest their money in a business, persons are called Partners, their relationship is Partnership and money is Capital. If they invest money for the same time, it is called simple partnership. If they invest money for different time, […]

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How to solve Mixture and Allegation?

Dear Gradians, Today we are going to discuss the Mixture and Alligation topic of Quantitative section for Bank and Insurance Exams. Students feel that Mixture and Allegation is the hardest topic but after studying these notes you will say it’s a myth. Before the Mixture and Allegation, we suggest you go through Ratio and Proportion, this will help you to […]

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Tips and Tricks for Compound Interest

Dear Gradians We will discuss the concepts of Compound Interest in this article and we will also understand the approach to solve the questions based on this topic. Now, Let’s discuss the basic difference between Simple Interest and Compound Interest. Principal = 1000, rate of interest (r) = 10%, time = 3yrs Simple Interest SI […]

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Tips and Tricks for Simple Interest

Dear Gradians Simple and Compound Interest is an important segment of the Arithmetic section under Quantitative Aptitude. To help you all understand these topics better, Meritshine already released a video lesson on this topic. In case you missed it, you can go through the video from the link at the end of the article. In this article, […]

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Tips & Tricks to Solve Quadratic Equations

Tips & Tricks to Solve Quadratic Equations, Check All Types asked in IBPS & SBI Exams !   The quadratic equation is an important topic that is asked in the exams under the Quantitative Aptitude Section. In SBI Clerk Prelims Exam, the questions of Quadratic equations were asked. There are high chances that these question will […]

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Tricks of basics of Number Series

Dear Aspirants, Number Series often daunts many of you. However, it is a major topic asked in the Quantitative Aptitude Section. The questions under this topic are usually asked in a set of 5. Apart from being less time consuming, it is also highly scoring. Hence, we advice you all to have a thorough practice […]

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