Category: Bed time stories

Three friends | a short story for kids|

                      Three friends had been having trouble with their crops. All three fields had crops that have been wilting and… Read more »

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The stoneball | short story for children

Nasir found a precious stone ball behind a banyan tree in his garden. At the point when the tree old him it would give him a desire, he thought and… Read more »

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The story of The Pencil| a story with moral for kids

Kumar became disappointed due to the fact he had achieved poorly in his English check. His grandmother sat with him and gave him a pencil. A confused Kumar checked out… Read more »

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Rose and cactus| short stories for children|

Once upon a time there was a rose who changed into very happy with her lovely looks. Her simplest disappointment became that she grew subsequent to an unpleasant cactus. Every… Read more »

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When hardships Knocks

This is a story explaining how adversity is met in another way by way of extraordinary people. Asha’s father located an egg, a potato, and some tea leaves in three… Read more »

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