How to keep life interesting?

1. Read New Books Every Day

Books are your portal to an entirely new world and way of thinking.

Unfortunately, most people have the love of reading beaten out of them during grade school where they are subjected to reading boring literature that goes completely over their head.

If you want to be a more interesting person, you must rekindle your love of reading and begin devouring content every day.

But you can’t just read any books and expect to be more interesting.

You must read books on a wide variety of topics in order to expand your mind and cultivate more interesting thoughts and ideas.

Read about science, ethics, religion, history, and psychology.

Pick a new topic each week and skim through 2–3 books on that topic to get big ideas and golden nuggets to use in your conversations.

When you find a topic that you love, dive into it head first and become an expert on it.

When you can hold conversations about science, politics, economics, religion, and the big ideas of history, you’ll instantly be more interesting than the 90% of the population that can only talk about the latest Kardashian update or Trump scandal.

2. Travel More Frequently and For Longer (Even if it’s local)

The single most rapid and surefire way to become more interesting is to travel long and travel often.

While it might not be feasible for you to pick up and go to South America for 6 months (at least not yet) EVERYONE reading this can travel more than they do right now.

Realign your budget so that you’re spending less money on crap and ‘stuff’ and then use that money to go on trips around your city or country.

Even if you’re dead broke and can’t afford a plane ticket to a different state, you can still find a way to travel to new local spots and find fun get aways near your home.

The more you travel the more interesting your will be.

If you are willing to make travel a priority, it will immediately reduce your ‘boringness’ and make you the most interesting man in the room.

3. Throw Out Your TV and Video Games (for now)

There’s nothing interesting about someone who spends all of their time glued to a couch watching sitcoms or playing Call of Duty.

I’m not against TV or video games. In fact, I enjoy both of them on a weekly basis.

But for the vast majority of the population, they are addicted to these forms of entertainment instead of using them appropriately.

For the next 90 days, throw out your TV and gaming console (or at least unplug them and put them in a closet) and commit to ONLY living in the real world.

It will suck at first, but within a few weeks you’ll find yourself with more free time than you know what to do with and, if you use that free time wisely, you can become infinitely more interesting.

4. Teach Yourself One New Skill Every Month

Most people think that learning new skills is hard.

It’s not.

You just need to change how you think about skill acquisition.

For example, it would take you thousands of hours to become a world class salsa dancer or guitarist.

But it will only take you about 20 hours to learn the basics of salsa and know how to play 2–3 popular songs on the guitar.

Pick one new skill each month and commit to practicing it for one hour a day.

If you do this every month, a year from today you will have 12 new and highly interesting skills to add to your repertoire.

5. Expand Your Social Circle

Most people are boring because they spend time with boring people, or at least the same people they’ve always been with.

But when your social circle is limited to individuals who are just like you, it’s easy to stagnate into boredom.

Instead, branch out and expand your social circle.

Spend time with people who live different lifestyles and have different values.

Hang out with the hippies, the capitalists, the socialists, the atheists, the religious, and everything in between.

This will open your mind to new ideas and encourage you to look at the world in new ways.

6. Talk Less and Listen More

If you want to become 10x more interesting in the next 60 seconds, here’s all you need to do.

Speak less and listen more.

It’s that simple.

People aren’t interested in you, they’re interested in themselves.

If you can get them to talk about themselves and ask them real and genuine questions, you’ll seem like the most interesting guy or gal alive EVEN if you don’t say a thing about yourself.

7. Watch More Standup Comedies

Comics view the world in a very unconventional and interesting way.

They learn to find humor in even the darkest of events and have a very unique way of looking at life.

As such, I encourage you to replace ALL of your current TV and gaming habits with stand up comedy.

Watch comedy every day.

Take notes about how they present their jokes and how they think about things.

This is one of the fastest ways to become more interesting and boost your social capital and the best part? It’s easy and fun to do!

8. Learn How to Tell Riveting Stories

The difference between an interesting person and a boring person is, more often than not, their ability to tell stories.

Two people can have the EXACT same experience and, when they tell it to their friends, one person can seem like the most interesting person alive and the other can seem like a total bore.

The difference? Their ability to tell stories in an engaging way.

If you want to be more interesting, then study the great story tellers of our time. Read plenty of fiction and watch TED talks.

Learn to tell stories and you will accelerate the rate at which you become an ‘interesting’ person.

9. Be Passionate About Something

Passion is sexy and interesting. Period.

Have you ever noticed how some of the most interesting people alive do the EXACT same things day in and day out?

But they still retain a level of interest and intrigue because they are SO passionate about what they are doing.

I don’t care what you’re passionate about, but be passionate about something.

Because passion is the most interesting thing there is in a world full of people living lives of quiet desperation

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