What are interesting facts of human being?

  • If you want to know who is the most important person in the group, notice the one who has the least body movements.
  • Human behavioral studies suggest that a person who loses their cell phone experiences a panic similar to a near death experience.
  • People ain’t afraid of abuse, cheating, backstabbing, and shit, they are afraid of you being genuinely for them.
  • If you want to know about the man observe him when he is alone and if you want to know about the woman observe her when she is with people.

  • When in a public place, if someone keeps looking at you so much it’s becoming frustrating, just look at their shoes…like, for a long time; this will make them feel so uncomfortable, they’ll probably back off.

  • An instant change in mood from happiness to sad indicates that you’re missing someone.
  • People who are solving puzzle gameson a daily basis are becoming good decision makers in real life.
  • People who spend a lot of time on the internet are more likely to be depressed, lonely and mentally unstable.
  • When people are being watched, they behave better. And the illusion of being watched works, too. It was enough to hang a picture of human eyes in a self-service cafeteria so that more people began to collect their dishes.

  • People speak and think negative opinions about others to boost their self-confidence and they believe their thoughts are correct and logical.
  • People are more likely to cry at night because lack of sleep makes emotions hard to control.
  • Obesity is contagious; you’re more likely to be overweight if you have a lot of overweight friends.
  • Losing something makes you twice as miserable as gaining the same thing makes you happy.
  • Appearance plays an important role even when voting during elections. Maturity and physical attractiveness of politicians were most important for voters’ choice (unconsciously, of course).
  • Not all risks are the same. The same person can fearlessly jump with a parachute, but be afraid of his boss. Or to train tigers, but feel embarrassed when talking to a pretty woman

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