What are some simple good habits?

We all are very busy reading and doing big stuff, so we are paying less attention to the small and basic things of life. I don’t talk about that big stuff here, the below is all about the simple things that are being missed in day to day life.

1. Barefoot walk Go for a Barefoot walk once in a day/week/while. Touching the earth with your sole is sorta-kinda connecting with the earth.

2. Expose your body to Sunlight Morning or evening sunlight will give a lot that our body needs, not just the Vitamin D.

3. Moon gazingSleeping on the terrace and staring at moon is an experience and has lot of mental benefits, not just it good for our Eyes.
4. Start the day with a bottle of water.We do bath/shower everyday morning but who will clean inside, well body can do that, we just need to supply water. And using copper bottle has lot of Ayurvedic benefits. Fill the bottle night and fill your stomach in the morning .
5. Eat with your handsThere is a lot of vedic wisdom behind it. Mixing up things on the plate with your fingers and eating is enjoying the food to the fullest. Exceptions apply as we need the help of forks and spoons for some foods.

6. Pay attentions to small creaturesYou will be amazed if you know how ants will manage their work and how caterpillars will become a beautiful butterflies and help in pollination of plants and flowers.
7. Delay and StopIt’s how you will get the self control. You get a ping, you want know eagerly who and what but delay it a bit. You are watching some videos and stuff like that endlessly, say it yourself stop at one point and just stop it. Doing small things of this sort will improve your self control.

8. SolitudeWe don’t need intelligence to deal with every problem in life. Spend some time for solitude then intuition will guide you.
9. Budget LimitDecide some budget for a month and just spend that alone. It will teach you what financial planning is all about.

10. Play with Kids and Talk with grand parents.Playing with kids is like going back to our childhood. Talking with grand parents is like going into future decades ahead and looking back at life!
11. Go to religious places like templesYes, Just go even if you are an atheist. Temples are filled with positive vibes and peace. They are also the only places where we will have less thought pollution as everyone will be honest with god admitting their sins honestly.

12. Go to burial groundsEveryone is moving and moving towards the final destination which is death . It’s good to go and spend some time there for no reason, Not just only when your near and dear ones are passed away.It’s an ugly truth but the final ritual of your life is either your ashes will be immersed or you will be buried!…so what’s your fight is all about?

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